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Dear Visitors of my Homepage:

I am glad that you have taken the time to look at my page about garden plants in Thailand.

For several years now, my husband and I have been living in Southern Thailand. When I began to cultivate our land, I had a lot of plants given to me by friends and circles of acquaintances, which they simply dug up or cut from their own gardens.

I had no idea, at that time, what the names of the plants were, what the care requirements were, or their demands for a suitable location. Well, the relevant literature was not even in bookstores to find. The distribution of the plants on our land was rather by chance and was based from the point of view on whether the plant would look pretty on the chosen location. This method of trial and error, showed its effects soon. Many plants developed very well, but some plants did not grow at all.

While visiting the botanical garden “Spicy Garden Baan Nateen” in our neighborhood, I met the owner Piet Ruijters, a pharmacist and botanist. He was very helpful in his explanations and lent me approx. 30 kg of books about all aspects of botany. This was the beginning. I sat reading night after night figuring out the names of my plants. During the day, I replanted everything I had put in the wrong place. I wanted to know more about all those plants.

I enjoy propagating the existing plants and I am happy if I can give some of my plants to other plant enthusiasts now and then.

I now see the lovely plant world in Thailand with a more open eye.  I see the plants and recognize them now.

On our property, which is about 6,000 sqm, of land I have about 320 different plant species and I am adding all the time.

Over the years, I have learned a lot about the local flora and have gathered many facts. This, combined with my experience in the private tropical garden, I would like to share with other garden enthusiasts and interested people.

The website does not claim to be scientific. But I've tried to research very carefully. In many cases I had to ask experts for advice. For many late-night phone calls or disturbances in the early morning I apologize and for any mistakes that I have made nevertheless. At this point, I would like to thank everyone very much for their willingness to support and assist me, and for their patience.  My husband, who doesn´t share the same passion for gardening is always at my side in this campaign and has never complained even, if he has to spend much time without me.

And my special thanks to Piet Ruijters for his expert technical advice and Richard Moss, who created the website and was patient with all of my requests for changes and new ideas.

I hope that my website is a suitable instrument to help you learn more about the tropical plants in Thailand, identify the plants of your own garden and find the right plants for your own garden. For this, I have made extensive search options available. The general information about care, location and propagation are tailored to the climatic conditions in Thailand. In other regions of the world, other conditions are likely.

The photos I've taken are mostly of the plants from my own garden. If my plants are still too small to have representative pictorial material, I have taken pictures in the area around Krabi or from the Botanical Garden in Bangkok, which I have indicated.

I would be happy if you share your passion for tropical plants with me and I would welcome any suggestions/criticism concerning the plants or the design of the webpage. Please write an email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or leave a note in the guestbook.

Sylvia Cermak

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