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Button Orchid nicht bekannt เกล็ดมังกร   - (phonetic) -   klet mangkon

Dischidia nummularia growing in their natural environment as epiphytes on the bark of trees. The plant climbs by means of adventitious roots up, and also hanging from branches like strings of beads. The individual stems can be up to 3 m long.

For cultivation, the plant is best suited for hanging baskets, where they are used in soil. Growth is possible even without soil. For this purpose, the plant should be made to support until adequate root development with twine on tree trunks. Irrigation is best spraying with water. Have sufficient adventitious roots formed, can be taken off the twine.

The small succulent leaves are coin-shaped and round. The very inconspicuous flowers are white and bloom throughout the year.

This plant grows very slowly. It prefers light shade. Strong sunlight the plant do not tolerate. Should be poured only after the soil is dry. Waterlogging should be avoided.

The white milky juice (latex) is poisonous if eaten in large quantities.

Propagation: by seeds, which should be moistened and put them immediately into the soil;

or from cuttings


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