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Golden Trumpet Vine Goldtrompete, Dschungelglocken, Allamande บานบุรีซ้อน   - (phonetic) -   ban buri son
tropical America

Allamanda williamsii is a medium sized shrub with very attractive, bright yellow, double flowers. They smell in the evening. To the dark green foliage, the flowers form a beautiful contrast. The shrub blooms all year round.

Like the other species of Allamanda, also Allamanda williamsii like climbing on climbing aids or trellis. The shrub is turning into a certain direction. The attempt to change the direction may result in damaging the plant!

The Allamanda tolerates direct sunlight very well, which increases the willing to bloom, but also thrives in bright partial shade. It needs regular watering, but withstands short periods of drought.

After some time the long shoots are bare from below. Then the Allamanda williamsii should be pruned.

All parts of the plant are poisonous. The white milky sap can cause skin irritation.

Propagation: by cuttings from older drives, but still have leaves, by seeds or by root division.

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