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Footstool Palm, Serdang Rundblättrige Livingstonpalme ปาล์มยะวา   - (phonetic) -   palm java
Java, Australia

Livistona was first described by Robert Brown in 1810. The genus name honors Patrick Murray, Baron Livingstone, who created in the late 17th Century in Livingstone west of Edinburgh a garden on his property.

The species-name "rotundifolia" refers to the round leaf shape.

The fanpalm tree is native to Indonesia and Malaysia.

Livistona rotundifolia is a very attractive, single-stemmed palm, which grows up to 12 m high and has almost circular leaves, with notches on the leaf ends. The young leaves are light green and shiny. In older specimens the leaves are usually not fully round, the cuts are deeper at the leaves ends.

The edges of the petioles are covered with spines.

As a young palm they need a shady place, while a sunny place tolerates well when the plant is older.

The soil should be well drained and constantly moist, but not wet.

Livistona rutundifolia looks very good along streets or driveways in larger gardens or as single palm in smaller gardens. It is ideal for places where no fast growth is desired, as the palm grows very slowly.

The younger palm can be kept in the pot for indoor and outdoor. Especially when keeping in house the required high humidity must be guaranteed.

Propagation: Livistona rotundifolia is very easy to propagate by seeds, which germinates after about 2 months, but the palm tree grows very slowly.

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